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After months of collaboration, the Golden Meadows Photography website is fully operational as of 2/16/2017. A great thank you goes out to all the leadership and creative minds who spent their time, energy, and love into making this web base service a huge success. We hope and pray that significance comes with your visit here at Golden Meadows

Minor notice** The GMP website is fully operational however the design concepts are still being applied to each purchase option. Stay tuned for the finished changes coming soon!


Following John Maxwell's A LEADER'S HEART: 365 - Day Devotional Journal.

Exodus 29:44-45. Leviticus 9:23

"Leaders cant fall into a comfortable niche in life. It's the job of a leader to pursue his or her goals of significance. Leaders must ask themselves whether they want survival, success, or significance. The best leaders desire significance and expend their time and energy in pursuit of their dreams."

To find a significance goal, you must look at your dream. Create it by asking yourself "If I had: _____________. Then I would: _____________." Your answer to these questions equate to creating your dream. All that is required now is action. "Acting on your dream adds significance to your life."

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