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As the new year 2017 enters its third month, the family here at Golden Meadows Photography wants to know if we have ever taken your photo? If so we want you to ask us if we still have your photo. Memories are what tell history.

We also want to give a shutout to our newest super star!

We Made It - FIT released her first YouTube video on the We Made It - FIT channel as an extension to her already exceptional DIY blog.

If your looking to get in shape this lent, then follow along as Adrienne post a new workout each week!

Give this girl a thumbs up and subscribe for doing such an amazing series!


Following: John Maxwell's A LEADER'S HEART: 365 - Day Devotional Journal.

- Proverbs 16:10 MSG

Nurturing is the way to influence. "Clergyman John Knox said over four hundred years ago 'You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.' At the heart of the nurturing process is genuine concern for others."

Why would you take a nurturing role with someone?

"The unfortunate TRUTH is that most people are desperate for encouragement. If your become a major nurturer in the life of another person, then you have an opportunity to make a major impact on them."

"In what ways are you nurturing those around you?"

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